"Wreck 2020" Program

The value of the scrapping premium for the Rabla Program is 6,500 lei and in 2020 too, and it can reach up to 9,000 lei with the ecobonus of 2,500 lei in the case of the purchase of vonventional hybrid vehicles. The Rabla 2020 program will be launched in March.

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About us

REMATINVEST was established in 2003 as a limited liability company with Romanian-German capital. The company has its administrative headquarters in Cluj-Napoca. Our partner is German company Scholz AG, one of Europe's largest scrap recyclers.

Professionals in collection and recycling

Probably the largest coverage area among Romanian companies

Collection, processing and recycling of waste of ferrous, non-ferrous, paper, wood and plastic materials

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard waste is the most important secondary raw material for the pulp, paper and cardboard industry due to both environmental and economic implications. The paper is collected from various sources (population, companies, industry, store…

Wood waste

Collecting of used pallets and wood waste is a way of saving money, freeing up space and resources for interested companies. We aim to eliminate waste and protect the environment. The collection of used pallets and wood waste is carried out in…

Ferrous materials

Reusable ferrous materials are divided into several categories. Besides the scrap from the economic agents, resulting from the production process (sheet metal stamping, pipe heads or rolled bars, strands, etc.) and that resulting from industrial…

Non-ferrous metals

Reusable non-ferrous materials result both from the collection activity and the shredder, following the technological process. We purchase, process and sell all kinds of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, lead and alloyed…

News and other informations
Professionals in collection and recycling
The center was inaugurated in 2009 and is equipped with high-capacity schredder, mobile decontamination plant for end-of-life vehicles, hydraulic scissors for cutting scrap iron, hydraulic baler and paper baler.
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We are professionals in collection and recycling and we have one of the largest coverage of the Romanian companies. Our object of activity is: collection, processing, selling for recycling of waste of ferrous, non-ferrous, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and packaging waste. We provide traceability documents according to legal regulations.

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